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Bobby does an excellent job of breaking down all the steps of his full swing. He is correct that this full swing when mastered would be a lot more accurate and will allow you to hit the ball a lot harder than with the traditional full swing you are probably using now.

In his sales letter he says that golfers who have learned his full swing have had a 95% success rate in improving their game. From reading the guide, this doesn’t seem too unrealistic. If his techniques are followed and practiced your game should drastically improve.

The bonuses which are offered with the Golf Swing Book complement the guide very well. They weren’t “just thrown in.” The guide truly is priceless if you’re looking to hit the ball further and with greater accuracy. The bonuses make buying this a no-brainer.

If you’re willing to work a little to drastically improve your golf game, this is the Golf Swing Book is for you. Obviously, if you buy it, read it, and don’t implement it then you won’t gain anything from getting this guide. Implementing won’t be difficult because he does an excellent job breaking down the material into simple easy to follow steps. The cost is well worth the improvements you will make in your game. It is only $47.

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