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...tons of pictures. It also has very useful drills to help ingrain the proper techniques into your muscle memory. What really makes this guide unique is the mechanics of the actual swing that it teaches. It’s not your typical swing. It will allow you to hit the ball with greater precision and a lot harder.

A lot of golfing guides lack a short game section. This is where The Simple Golf Swing excels. As a golfer you know that the short game is ultimately what can make or break a great round of golf.

You won’t be able to improve your game if you don’t use the material. That’s common sense. If you really do absorb the information and put it to use you should improve your game by at least 7 strokes.

The sales letter has some great testimonials from people who implemented what was taught and they wrote how they’re game improved. There are also some great bonuses included with The Simple Golf Swing. These bonuses compliment The Simple Golf Swing nicely. You can see what they are on the sales letter as well. The price is insanely low considering how much The Simple Golf Swing can help improve your enjoyment of golf. It’s only $47.

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