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Putting Made Easy

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Imagine improving your golf game by cutting one to two stokes off each hole.

Surprise your golf buddies by reading greens like a pro, overcoming putting YIPS and decreasing your score by 18 strokes... or more. 

Think about this:

300 yard drive + a perfect approach shot + 3 putts = BOGEY.

The fastest and most consistent method of lowering your score is to learn how to use the one club that makes up 43% of your game; your putter.

What's Included...

  • A unique grip that takes your hands out of the putting stroke making it more consistent and reliable under pressure.

  • A complete guide to the proper setup that enables a simple pendulum stroke.  Learn about shoulder alignment, hand positioning, weight distribution, and proper ball positioning just to name a few!

  • An understanding of how the swing tempo affects putting success, including an explanation of why the most popular method does not work.

  • A pre-shot routine that makes the stroke AUTOMATIC and eliminates the crippling affect of pressure on your putting stroke.

  • A revolutionary mental approach to putting that allows your sub- conscious to work for you, not against you.

  • Drills, games and other practice techniques that ensure your improvement will continue for life!

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Product Details

Putting Made Easy by Andrei Serykh

Putting Made Easy is the first book written by Andrei on golf.

Published in early 2008, it has already been a run away success with many golfers.  Cutting your putting strokes by 1 for each hole is a powerful way to win more rounds and Andrei shares his methods openly with you.

Putting Made Easy will enable anyone to take fewer putts without having to spend hours on the training green or pay $100’s to golf instructors. Features:

The little-known secrets of putting on wet green that will get you the shots you want even if you’re playing after a torrential rain
Insider secrets to making two putts on every green every time you play
Valuable tips on reading the green even if it has more slopes than the Rocky Mountains

3 devastating mistakes that people make on the green that completely mess up their game and how you can avoid them

“Jedi-like” mental exercises that will help you develop laser-sharp focus and prep you for the game ahead

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Consumer Feedback

Late last year I bought "Putting Made Easy" and put it away with my collection of other golf miracle systems and articles.

It wasn't until my team lost in our company's annual tournament that I picked up PME.  Since then, I've actually cut a consistent 6 strokes off my game.  I say Andrei's system works well for me and will for any other golfer who wants to improve their play.
Actual user feedback from J Buffalo

My uncle told me about Putting Made Easy.  it's taken me about 60 days but, I've improved my game by 10 strokes.  I can recommend this eBook.
Actual user feedback from Ursula Loveland

I was a terrible golfer with a 100+ game.  Everything about my game was bad.  My brother told me that one of the better ways to improve was to focus on my putting because I could cut more strokes there by getting good at putting.  I found Putting Made Easy and with practice, my game is now around 89.  If I can do it anyone can do it.  My 14th birthday is March 27 and my goal is to cut two more strokes.
Actual user feedback from Quinton Casey

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