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Putting To Win

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Improve Your Game by 10 Strokes In The Next 60 Days

Putting To Win helps you put your game on a higher level by simply focusing on your putting game.  Some really exceptional videos are included.

Get the attention of your golfing friends the next round by looking like a pro on the green.  100's of great tips and exercises.

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The author shows his set-up and swing mechanics, the things that work for him using video and written explanations. This book, however, is not primarily concerned with set-up and swing mechanics, or fiddling about with your grip. It's about getting the ball into the hole.

Most golfers putting stroke is fine (maybe needs a little fine tuning!!) but they get tied up with other things that prevents them holing the ball.  The author is a pro player in the UK and share many of the secrets he's learned to be able to make the cuts and play in the majors. 

Lot's of detail, and packed with good video (may contribute to higher than average cost) and some special bonuses not seen elsewhere.


Learn how to accurately control the distance the ball is rolled
Many videos, including how to read greens, so you can stroke the ball in the right direction .
Learn how to establish the best speed for the ball to go into the hole
Green reading, including how to identify straight and breaking putts
Learn the basics of set-up and swing mechanics

Price: $ 77.00

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Consumer Feedback

Goodness man, you've overdone it here.  I'm absolutely blown away by the excellent video and details you share.  Thanks!
Actual user feedback from R. Nelson

My game goes back and forth from low 90's to mid-to-high 80's.  With you're diligent instruction and attention to detail, I've cut two strokes off my greens play.
Actual user feedback from J. Gibson

You're incredibly good at what you do.  Your videos have helped me a lot with my putting.  I'm not where i want to be, but with more practice I know I'll shave 5 strokes.  I particularly like the entertaining and fun putting exercises you include in your videos.
Actual user feedback from L Thanisch

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